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Thread: HGH at 26 years old

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    Default HGH at 26 years old

    First of all hi everyone.

    I am 26 years old and I am right now doing a cycle of winny and tren. I was considering to use Jintropin or Somatropin, but my friend told me that there are serious risks if someone in my age is taking HGH.
    My goal is not to get extremely huge rather than that I wasn't lean and hard muscle mass.

    I was just wondering, if my friend is right or if the effects are the same for a 25 year old and a 45 year old?


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    Hi Synergy82,

    Thank you for visiting our forums. As a registered nurse I must say that I am not in favor of young, healthy people taking HGH injections. I believe the injections should only be used as a last resort for the treatment of aging, growth hormone deficiency, or other health conditions such as HIV/AIDS.

    The reason is because the injections are a man-made hormone replacement therapy.

    Those with a healthy pituitary gland that already makes a normal amount of growth hormone should not make themselves dependent upon a hormone replacement therapy at their young age.

    Those who take the injections can develop a lazy or even atrophied pituitary gland because their pituitary gland won’t need to produce HGH while the injections are being taken.

    Also, if the injections are stop abruptly the person can experience a rebound effect where their benefits disappear and their condition ends up worse than before they started taking the injections.

    There are also side effects that may be seen when taking the injections.

    More information about HGH side effects.

    That being said, there are young bodybuilders and athletes who are willing to take the risk.

    Keep in mind, there is a difference in the HGH injections, which can provide the body with all the growth hormone it needs and more, and the non-injection products that can boost the pituitary gland's own release of real HGH.

    The different types of HGH products.

    Best of luck,

    Lisa Wells, RN
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    Thumbs up Hgh oral?

    im 20 years old have been doing dome research on hgh products as well as anabolic steriods. i understand the mechanics of both of them and still continuing to do so. I have a hard time gaining, and looking just for a little extra strength/mass.i understand you have to work for it but it seems the results i want, can only come from my diet and exercise and using a synthetic enhancement. I have been on a more healthy diet and starting a more regular work out routine. want to know if an oral hgh product would be better to take or an anabolic steroid. I dont want to get huge. I want to take safe dosages of what will get me the best results with safe cycle time periods. Advice?

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    Hi Bradley1,

    First I must say that I don't approve of anyone taking steroids to increase muscle due to the serious risk factors, as I feel sure you are aware of.

    I also don't approve of someone age 20 taking HGH therapy, whether injection or non-injection, without their doctor's approval.

    However, if you have already made up your mind to take something I would recommend you try a sublingual homeopathic HGH product.

    From what you said it sounds like safety is important to you, and no anabolic steroids are safe. Besides the side effects, if you take steroids you can mess up your body's own production of testosterone and if you stay on them for too long your body may never release enough of its own testosterone again.

    The same goes for the HGH injections. They can cause your body to stop releasing its own growth hormone.

    Homeopathic HGH products work with the body and so won't shut down the pituitary gland's own release of HGH.

    We have many bodybuilders who take our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product and have reported great results, however, as you said your diet will play an important role also. You will need to take in adequate protein and nutrients to build the muscles and adequate complex carbs to give your body energy so it won't burn muscle for fuel.

    Also, once you have increased your muscle size you will need to continue to feed your muscles.

    Here are the links to more information at our main site:

    HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2

    Our HGH Plus For Bodybuilders and Athletes

    Again, I don't approve of anyone your age taking any type of HGH therapy without their doctor's permission.

    I wish you the best.

    Lisa Wells, RN
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    Default hgh at 26

    Any scholarly study I have read shows any relationship between HGH use in healthy people and hypopituitary post therapy. Also there are absolutely no side effects that you may truthfully say are caused soley by HGH OTHER than GROWTH.
    Every other shred of evidence is a correlative piece of information. I can show a correlation between ice cream sales and murder, but if I say icecream causes murder I would sound rediculous right?
    As with all drugs, as your dose increases your risk of side effects increases. There are no completely "safe" or "side effect free" drugs.
    I've been around the forums and read all the posts by web gurus' and I have come to the conclusion that it is popular opinion that it is safe fpr children from ages 2-18 to take (if an MD somewhere OKs it) and even up to the age of 25 (up to MD). Then once more it becomes A OK at the age of 35 or so until you kick the bucket or run out of money...
    So, to settle this. At 26 is it OK? NO ONE KNOWS! Good luck and listen to your body. With drugs like HGH less is more. Plenty of studies with individuals(21-28, +no other meds) taking up to (.03mg)X(kg, body weight) saw only mild side effects such as GROWTH & low incidences of mild carpel tunnel(i have that, and i dont use HGH). No side effects reported on .01mg X KG bodyweight...
    Ok to the realm of opinion. I would say, like your natural HGH, wave your doses to an EOD(every other day) of no more than 2iu, and run for an extended peroid. Get your blood work and avoid other medications ladedah

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